About Atlantic Group USA

Our whole life is connected with movement. This can be either a small trip or a simple reshuffle, or a long-awaited expansion of your business. If you face the problem of moving, then the agent of Atlantic Group Van Lines is your first assistant. Our name is known all over the world and it first appears in peoples’ mind when it comes to any types of relocation or cargo transportation. We work effectively on absolutely any case starting from home moving, commercial transference, office relocation as well as industrial expansion. Our aim is to do our job perfectly. The work is carried out impeccably including even the most complex conveyance, as we pay attention to all trifles.

The haulage industry is considered to be quite challenging since it is arduous to take into account every detail in the process itself. Our great advantage is the cohesive team of agents that include 500 agents within the USA and Canada together with hundreds of international collaborators distributed worldwide. It is our reliable and solid team that facilitates effortless first-class conveying of any kind of cargo to nearly any desired place. Our skilled workers implement innovations and bring maximum benefit to our clients constantly around the world.

Atlantic Group USA LLC is the acknowledged leader in moving worldwide. Leadership and management of each of our representative offices are carried out by independent entrepreneurs who control compliance with all standards of Atlantic Group services. Permanent training of all personnel allows us to hold authority onto the global market. All Atlantic Group clients will be served according to the best class regardless of the selected agency. This is our distinguishing feature, which maintains the impeccable reputation of the Atlantic Group. A close-knit crew and the agents’ teamwork gives us the opportunity to call the Atlantic Group a real family.

Atlantic Group agents are always ready to cooperate with each other regardless of the task complexity in order to make each of our customers totally complacent with the outcome. Our capabilities are diverse—we are able to transport not only cargo to various directions, but also we are a valuable transporter of employees during business trips around the world. We want to accompany you every day in any course chosen because Atlantic Group agents try to make this process comfortable and effortless for you.



Atlantic Group provides all the conditions to ensure your goods to be securely delivered to the destination needed. After all, our goal is to make you 100% content with both the process and the result.



One more feature Atlantic Group imparts to the customers is online tracking during the whole delivery process. We guess you will agree that it is convenient to control the movement of your cargo through the screen of your device. You are able to check it anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection.


Atlantic Group is in constant development since we are permanently improving our technical base. Modern trucks only contribute to the facilitated process of loading, transporting and unloading objects of any size and severity.